Three months incorrectly fixed: no meth but cotton candy

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GEORGIA – An American woman was three months unjustly in the cell because the police the hard drugs meth in her car thought to find. It turned out to be an innocent cotton candy to go.

A drug test from the police (photo for illustration).

What to her was bothering, is that they go through the custody to the birth of two grandchildren was missing. Dasha Fincher drags the local police and three officers now before the court, reports CNN. Also the manufacturer of the failed drug test is possible at fault.

The woman was in the car in 2016 held by agents. They found a large plastic bag with a light blue substance in it. Despite the claim of the wife that it is a bag of cotton candy went, the agents carried out a test. From the results, it emerged that there is methamphetamine, also known as meth, in the bag was. The woman and her boyfriend were unceremoniously arrested.

Further investigation continued for weeks, but Fincher turned out to be right. “I thought at first that I was so free again,” the woman says. “Three months is a long time.”

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