Stijn Meuris: “I admit that I am Theo Francken allowed”

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Soon gives Stijn Meuris again his unvarnished opinion about the politics in our country. So he gives in his latest ‘rant’ including Joke Schauvliege there briskly along. Theo Francken scores points with the popular singer.

Meuris came up recently in a media storm right after he in a school production a iPhone of a student by the hall had gekeild. The show had to be shut down. That was such a great mediahetze came, he does not understand. “To be honest, I understand the commotion is not. I am sure that there is at the same time in ten different schools far worse things happened, but that is the misfortune of my known head, surely? The summary is simple: ‘Sometimes it falls against something’. I have extensively excused. To the group, to the boy and in the press: mea culpa plywood, but there it ends. Apparently I am not suitable for hypersensitive teenagers with a smartphone to go (chuckle). And my respect for teachers here on a daily basis has increased dramatically. I understand suddenly where all those burn-outs come from,” he says in Humo.

Time to look forward, and that is what the 54-year-old singer with his third zaalshow ‘blind trust’. Therein he explains the Belgian politics on the grid, just as in his two previous ‘rantings’. Under more Joke Schauvliege have to pay for it. “I had proposed to her for once outside shot. A few months succeeded in that, but when she came – fortunately! – again with a couple of bizarre proposals. But: no hate. All I have to say that her local board (grins)”, sounds.

Which he held it in his show, not going to have, is Bart De Wever and Theo Francken, although the latter is still a minor. “I must admit – and now I like to expose myself – that I, Theo Francken, however: I find that he has some very good points. He’s not half the nazi that he is worn out. I heard him yesterday on Radio 1 at Sofie Lemaire, in his capacity as educator: punishment!”, he says.

Meuris indicates that he is the growing extremism in the world with heavy eyes behold, referring to figures such as Trump and Bolsonaro. He realizes that it is in Belgium, not yet, but fear for a form of habituation. “For such an extremism is on his guard. But at the same time, there is contamination, however subtle. The immigration law, for example. The harder one to the other approach, the easier it is to have to toughen up. ‘What do you mean, inhumane? Look there!'”, thus Meuris.

‘Blind trust’ of Stijn Meuris start on december 5 in cc Strombeek. On you can all of the performance data.

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