Soulshow by Ferry Maat once back

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Wouter van der Goes is a part of his show with Ferry Maat because it was 45 years ago that the Soulshow for the first time on the Dutch radio was heard. “The Soulshow is a legendary radio program”, says Van der Goes. “In the eighties, I spent every Thursday night to the radio broadcast. The music from the Soulshow to my personal taste for a large part made it what it now is. It is for me and my listeners no doubt a most magical moment to his voice and his music to hear.”

Wouter said Ferry in the broadcast of Wednesday to congratulate him with the 45th anniversary of the Soulshow. During the call, came up with the idea at once, and the sat night, as always, to sound, complete with the jingles of the time. Incidentally, it provides Customized online still regularly soulshows via his own website.

The Soulshow started in 1973 on Radio North sea. Ferry Maat was therefore the first Dutch dj that especially American soul to Holland. Up to that moment, this style of as good as not to hear it on the radio. In the seventies and eighties, the program was every Thursday evening to listen to on Radio 3 with the blend item The BVD – The Bond shooting star. Also this item will be sat night one-off return.

Ferry received in 2006, a Golden Harp for his program and his contribution to the promotion of soul music in the Netherlands.

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