Sofie Dumont is back on tv

3592c1008453cb852fef4ad4e57b205a - Sofie Dumont is back on tv

Nice news for the fans of Sofie Dumont. The chef is coming next month for three weeks back on tv and the program ” The Feestkeuken Sofie’ present. News that Wednesday in the newspapers of “media house”. Just like last year, Sandra Bekkari for a few weeks place for Sofie Dumont, but this year there’s something else: this time, no repetitions but new episode. It was VTM, not fail to notice that the videos of Sofie Dumont on YouTube, well made and so should she for her gelegenheidsprogramma with her own team a three-week programme of events which Sofie the most popular feestgerechten of the viewer. In between, among other mini-corn dogs but also scampi, turkey and chocolate mousse.

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