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‘Say ‘ns Aaa ” -actor Manfred de Graaf died

c751f2ecb564e025bc328eddb84e2a3e - ‘Say ‘ns Aaa " -actor Manfred de Graaf died

The Dutch actor Manfred de Graaf died. He was 79 years old.

The actor was in the eighties, in Flanders known as doctor Hans Lansberg in the tv series Say ‘ns Aaa. He also played in movies such as turks Fruit and The Elevator.

The Count had since the beginning of this year, terminally ill, but he kept that quiet for the outside world. He wanted to be in silence die as the inviolable Manfred, says his daughter on The Telegraph.

Three months ago, died of his tv-wife from Say ‘ns Aa Sjoukje Hooymaayer. According to the daughter of Manfred de Graaf, both starring the actress died deeply in touch. “They had a lot of support to each other.”

Zeg ‘ns Aaa was one of the longest running comedies on television. The VARA sent the 212 episodes from 1981 to 1993. In 1984 won the series the Dutch for the best program of the year. The series was also broadcast on the then-BRT1.

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