‘Say ‘ns Aaa-actor Manfred de Graaf (79) died’

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‘Say ‘ns Aaa-actor Manfred de Graaf (79) died’

28 november, 2018 03:23
28-11-18 03:23


Manfred de Graaf, better known as doctor Hans Lansberg from the komedieserie Zeg ‘ns Aaa on Tuesday, died in his home town of Warmond.

That has his daughter Fien Derman confirmed in an interview with The Telegraph. The Count is 79 years old. He was terminally ill.

The actor was, according to his family since the beginning of this year sick. When was with him, diagnosed with cancer, in such an advanced stage that there is nothing more to do. The Count chose at the time for that news not to bring out.

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