Say a Aaa fellow commemorates Manfred de Graaf

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Hans Cornelissen and partner Tons Backer.

Hans Cornelissen, currently a theatre producer, played in, Say ’ns Aaa the role of Gert-Jan van der Ploeg. That is the son of doctor Lydie van der Ploeg, a roll of two months ago deceased actress, Sjoukje Hooymaayer. Manfred de Graaf played in the VARA-comedy the role of surgeon Hans Lansberg, the second love of the doctor.

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The original line-up of Say ’ns Aaa came last year gathered for a photo shoot of Veronica Magazine, because 25 years ago, was that the series stopped, light Hans Cornelissen (62) to the phone. “There we were, all of you.”


Hans Cornelissen keeps good memories of Manfred de Graaf, with whom he also on the stage was in the play, Say ’ns Aaa. “We went quite often together on stage, to bars and clubs next to the work. And after the rehearsals we went together frequently to have lunch or grab a bite to eat. We had good contact with each other.”

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The theatre producer reveals that Manfred, who three times in the Tour left, no commitments wanted, if there is natural ice was, and the Elfstedenkoorts oplaaide. “He left in his contracts for theater and television a clause record which stated that he was not working as the Tour would take place. Yes, he was very sporty. He went golfing and sailing, but speed skating was his biggest passion.”

Reserve family

Rehearse did the cast of Say ’ns Aaa in the clubhouse of the rowing club on the river Amstel in Amsterdam, says Cornelissen. “After two weeks of rehearsing we went to the tv studio to three episodes one after the other. We have laughed, but also quarreled. Sjoukje Hooymaayer described us as her replacement family. I noticed also during the photo shoot.”

Cornelissen praises Manfred de Graaf as a tv actor with a great service record that his spurs had already earned before he the role of Hans Lansberg. “Many people think with him back to Say ‘ns Aaa, but he played in countless tv productions. Very known, he was also with the Journal of a German shepherd dog. And to Say ’ns Aaa, he played in the tv series, Each on his part, which Carry Tefsen also been a worker played. It was the precursor of Say ’ns Aaa.”

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