Sandra Bekkari gives torch (temporarily) by Sofie Dumont

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Soon the “Open Kitchen with Sandra Bekkari” on VTM place for a program of Sofie Dumont. Therein, she is preparing, together with some of BV’s ten favorite feestgerechten of the Flemish people.

Last year was Sofie Dumont its permanent place in VTM to Sandra Bekkari, that the viewers verlekkerde with its “Open Kitchen”. From 10 december, it is again the turn of Sofie, who in “The Feestkeuken Sofie” along with a few celebrities, including actress Ruth Beeckmans, festive classics prime.

In contrast to the repeats last year, this time to new episodes. “They need me, not beneath the dust removed,” laughs Dumont. “I’ve anyway not been idle and VTM, they were movies that I had made for my YouTube channel. I am doubly proud that I am now, ‘The Feestkeuken Sofie’ is allowed to make, with my own team,” she says in het Nieuwsblad.

In a feestkeuken don’t you think immediately to the allergezondste cost, but still promises the 44-year-old chef that they have a nice balance between wellbeing and a healthy diet. “I love to cook always fresh, seasonal and varied. And in everything I have ready, the focus is on taste and friendliness. But I’ll leave the vegetarians and the people who don’t drink alcohol out in the cold. Vegetarian should, but then it should be more than just steamed vegetables with some olive oil. It must have taste. I got a lot of questions about extra vegetables with the main course, I want to help”, it sounds.

“The Feestkeuken Sofie” is from 10 december, each weekday, from Monday to Friday, to view at 18: 00 on VTM.

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