RTL will stop cooperation with Emmanuelle Praet

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The board of directors of RTL Belgium decided today to the collaboration with Emmanuelle Praet to stop. That she has announced in a statement. The decision follows after the chronicler “excessive” statements had been done in the television programme “C’est pas tous les jours dimanche”.

Today was a maintenance will take place between Praet and executive board of the transmitter. In addition, the management committee explanation of its decision. “The value of her opinions is never in question, as long as they are, but the debate should be”, declares the station.

Last Sunday got Praet “out of her role”. This “professional misconduct” and “the many reactions to the suspension, the management of the station is convinced of the impossibility that ms. Praet can meet the criterion of independence, which is essential for the transmitter”, sounds like it is still in the communication.

Praet took in the broadcast of the representatives of the “yellow shirts” who were present in the broadcast, on the grain by them to indicate that they “always for the same people had voted in Wallonia,” and that “Ecolo in the last elections is a leap had been made, that all the taxes that you pay, milieutaksen, so think a little bit after the next elections”.

“Because the board of directors of RTL is dedicated to her viewers, they will make sure that the different currents of democratic thought to be properly represented in the debatprogramma’s”, concludes the communiqué.

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