Reactions after European elimination of PSV

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Reactions after European elimination of PSV

28 november 2018 18:56
28-11-18 18:56
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PSV is after the 1-2 defeat against FC Barcelona off in Europe. There were Wednesday night even more duels on the program in the Champions League. Follow all the developments in this liveblog.

PSV-FC Barcelona (1-2)
Tottenham-Inter (1-0)
PSG-Liverpool (2-1)

Atlético-Monaco 2-0
Lokomotiv-Galatasaray 2-0PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 minutes ago

Two, but Barcelona and Messi do PSV the tie. The Locals get many opportunities, but know there is only one to use it.PSV-FC Barcelona · 3 minutes ago

Past! PSV lose with 1-2 to FC Barcelona and is off in Europe. PSV-FC Barcelona · 5 minutes geleden90+3′ PSV will have a free kick in a nice spot after an infringement on The Young.PSV-FC Barcelona · 7 minutes geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of extra time.PSV-FC Barcelona · 10 minutes ago

Luuk de Jong is due to be hit, the third PSV, who score three goals or more in a single Champions League season. Ruud van Nistelrooij (five) enDanny Koevermans (four) went for him.PSV-FC Barcelona · 15 minutes geleden83′ GOAL PSV! 1-2

Now it is touch for PSV! The Young men tonight touch in the far corner to indicate Angeliño.Tottenham-Internazionale · 18 minutes geleden81′ GOAL Tottenham Hotspur! 1-0

Tottenham seems to be off to turn! ‘The Spurs’ to win, Inter to keep track of wintering in the miljoenenbal and open through Christian Eriksen on the score. The Dane shoots of dicthbij hard touch into the roof of the goal.PSV-FC Barcelona · 19 minutes geleden78′ He wants to be there but not in! A header from De Jong is going to be a half a meter apart.PSV-FC Barcelona · 21 minutes geleden76 ” Now is the Lozano who single-handedly on purpose For Increased. The Mexican should score, but shoots against the Barça-final item.PSV-FC Barcelona · 22 minutes geleden75′ How many opportunities has PSV need to score a goal? A shot of Bergwijn is right next to the wrong side of the pole.PSV-FC Barcelona · 28 minutes geleden70′ GOAL Barcelona! 0-2

Over and out in Eindhoven! Where everyone at PSV think that Messi a free-kick for the goal goes to swing, he shoots low on the ground. Piqué responds quickly and tap the ball inside. PSV is on the brink of elimination in Europe.PSV-FC Barcelona · 31 minutes geleden65′ A hard shot from Dembélé is turned by Sweet. PSV has trouble getting under the Catalan press.PSV-FC Barcelona · 34 minutes ago

The goal from Messi, is now in his sixth goal of this Champions League season. This equals his total of last year.PSV-FC Barcelona · 37 minutes geleden61′ GOAL Barcelona! 0-1

Here you could wait. Messi put himself in the attack and gets the ball back from Dembélé. The Argentine dribbles to the penalty area, is surrounded by six PSV’ers, but know touch to shoot in the junction.PSV-FC Barcelona · 38 minutes geleden60′ Pereiro wants To Rose close up with a step-by surprise, but he misses the ball. PSV does himself short.PSV-FC Barcelona · 38 minutes geleden59′ He wants to be there but not in! A bet of Rosario is to change direction and sail one meter apart.PSV-FC Barcelona · 43 minutes geleden54′ A volley of Hendrix ends up in the hands of Ter Stegen.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden49′ A shot distance of lionel Messi weggestompt by Sweet.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden48′ The first chance after the break for Barcelona. A shot from Dembélé goes along.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden46′ No bills in both the home and away team. PSV-Barcelona is resumed.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour ago

For the first time in four years, hits a Champions League team in one half to three times the pole. The PSV is not yet awarded.Champions League · one hour geledenPas in two games, there are goals cases. The recline positions in the Champions League are as follows:

PSV-FC Barcelona (0-0)
Borussia Dortmund-Club Brugge (0-0)
Tottenham Hotspur-Internazionale (0-0)
PSG-Liverpool (2-1)
Napoli-Red Star Belgrade (2-0)
FC Porto-Schalke 04 (0-0)PSG-Liverpool · one hour geleden45+2′ GOAL Liverpool! 2-1

Di Maria gets Mané down and then Milner from eleven metres knows how to score. It is a blistering first half in Paris.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour agoto Rest. PSV has great opportunities, but don’t know to score against Barcelona: 0-0.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden44′ Re-touch PSV the woodwork! This time it is The Young that the ball on the bar in a headline. In the rebound hits Rosario also the pole. In the opening phase had Pereiro was also on the pole shot.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden42′ PSV in the final stage of the first half to take the. The Catalans surround the Eindhoven goal. The home team put on all sail to get into the rest.PSG-Liverpool · one hour ago

His hit is Neymar now with 31 goals Brazilian top scorer of all time in the Champions League. He shared that record tonight with Kaka.PSG-Liverpool · one hour geleden37′ GOAL PSG! 2-0

Problems for Van Dijk and Wijnaldum with Liverpool. Alisson saves on the effort of Cavani, but in the rebound knows Neymar do to score. The home team has a 2-0-lead over the competition.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden36′ Again gets PSV the ball of the line! This time is Angelino to the right place to a Catalan goal to prevent. The rebound from Messi goes right on.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden35′ Rosario blasts the ball from the goal line! Vidal’s work hovers at the intersection, but the single international responds quickly.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden35′ That goes but just good. PSV let Coutinho take its course in the penalty area. The Brazilian can be quite hurtful, but shoot next to.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden32′ After that big possibility for Pereiro, there are no chances anymore in Eindhoven. The game plays mainly in the midfield.PSV-FC Barcelona · one hour geleden24′ Pereiro! Once again a great chance for the Uruguayan. He throws the ball in from two metres away, just about.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden18′ Precarious moment for the purpose of PSV. Messi is half a meter too short to be a hard commitment from Coutinho towards goal. It’s an entertaining duel in Eindhoven.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden16′ PSV hits the pole!

Once again, the home team close to a hit! Pereiro shoot from distance and hits the pole.PSG-Liverpool · 2 hours geleden13′ GOAL PSG! 1-0

Van Dijk works the ball well away and then the ball to the feet of Bernat. For the 25-year-old Spaniard is then a breeze to get close to shoot.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago

Messi came four times before in action against Dutch clubs and knew in those duels at least nine times to score. No other player is so often spot-on against Dutch teams like the Argentinian.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden5′ Again PSV close to a hit. Ter Stegen saves on a bet of The Young. PSV starts vehemently against the Catalans!PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden4′ That saves a little! To Increased tap with a lot of effort the free-kick from Pereiro out of the corner.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden3 ” Lozano is in a promising position undermined by Busquets. PSV will get a beautiful position in a free kick.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Philips Stadium. PSV-FC Barcelona is on the way.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours geledenDe players from PSV and Barcelona on the field. The contest is on the point of start.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago

Eindhoven is ready for #psvbar


AuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen20:54 – 28 november 2018Atlético Madrid-AS Monaco · 2 hours agoRecent! Atlético Madrid position itself for the eighth finals of the Champions League by a 2-0 victory at AS Monaco. The Monegasken by the defeat off in Europe. Club Brugge are assured of a place in the Europa League and with a win at Borussia Dortmund even have a chance to make the last sixteen of the Champions League to reach.Lokomotiv Moscow-Galatasaray · 2 hours agoRecent! Lokomotiv Moscow wins 2-0 Galatasaray and is still in the race for a Europa League ticket. Because the Turks do not know how to win, they are off for winter rest in the League and both FC Porto and Schalke 04 secured a place in the last sixteen.PSV-FC Barcelona · 2 hours ago

PSV-fans Michael van Gerwen is present in the Philips Stadium. The topdarter has a good advice for the players: “You must make sure that you head it, then your sharp.” #psvbar


AuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen20:33 – 28 november 2018Atlético Madrid-AS Monaco · 2-hour geleden83′ Monaco misses penalty kick!

What a miss from Falcao! The Colombian does his old club a huge favour and shoot the ball meters apart.Atlético Madrid-AS Monaco · 2-hour geleden82′ Penalty kick Monaco and red Atlético!

Savic seems to have the ball in his belly to get, but the scheidrechter flute for hands and gives him his second yellow card! The visitors are allowed to take a penalty.Tottenham-Internazionale · 2 hours ago

Stefan the Free enjoy a rise in the defence with Inter for the uitduel with Tottenham Hotspur. The number three from Serie A in London with a draw enough to make the last sixteen to reach.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies; Sissoko, Winks; Luke, Alli, Lamela; Kane.

Internazionale: Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, The Free, Skriniar, Asamoah; Vecino, Brozovic; Politano, Nainggolan, Perisic; Icardi.Back to top

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