Raymond van het Groenewoud is “Maestro Honoris Causa” from the Antwerp Conservatory

408af6f2b17fc8b7c3818cd1e95e04ce - Raymond van het Groenewoud is "Maestro Honoris Causa" from the Antwerp Conservatory

In deSingel In Antwerp, the Foundation Conservatory of Antwerp yesterday evening, Raymond van het Groenewoud-proclaimed “Maestro Honoris Causa”. Of the Groenewoud is, according to the Foundation the first artist from the “popular music” that the distinction of the get. The Foundation wants to be that way, say “the importance of high-quality light music in mind” and make it clear that the Conservatory also it need to pay attention to.

Raymond van het Groenewoud, known of Dutch-language hits such as “Girls”, “Love for music” and “Flanders above”, if his title Tuesday night immediately listen to scramble by playing in the annual benefit concert of the Foundation Conservatory of Antwerp. He brought a selection of his compositions as a soloist, with his band and with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatory conducted by Dirk De Caluwé.

The Foundation Conservatory of Antwerp supports the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp financially, so that his assignment can optimally continue to fill out. With the proceeds of the benefit concert of this year, the Foundation for four piano’s purchases and a few smaller restorations make.

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