Producer of “Resident Evil” and “True Romance” Samuel Hadida died

afe4aa3b29c0e7fd74ba41abec35434a - Producer of "Resident Evil" and "True Romance" Samuel Hadida died

The French film producer and distributor Samuel Hadida, known from “Resident Evil and Silent Hill”, is Monday, died in the United States. That has Metropolitan FilmExport, the company he co-founded, and communicated. Hadid was 64 years of age.

“Hadida died suddenly on 26 november at the UCLA hospital in Santa Monica,” said the company in a press release. Metropolitan FilmExport, that American movies in France, distributes, was founded by Samuel Hadida and his brother Victor, and their father David. Thanks to some lucrative contracts with the major Us film studios as New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, and Dreamworks-the company was able a host of blockbusters distribute in France. Include “Lord of the Rings” and “Hunger Games” was given by the company in France released.

As the producer showed Hadida is especially noted as the man who took the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary and Christophe Gans launched. He was also responsible for the filmversies of the video games “Resident Evil” and “Silent Hill”.

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