Pompeo cherishes good relations with Riyadh

e6492cb0d4a643f8626fdc3fde1e78d8 - Pompeo cherishes good relations with Riyadh

WASHINGTON – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo cherishes the good relations of the Americans with Saudi Arabia. He warned Wednesday that the celebration of the tires is a bad thing for national security.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs will close in the matter Kashoggi in the words of Trump.

Moreover, would such a measure, the saudis in their own country is not in a desirable direction.

“The murder of the Saudi national Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey has the quarrel stirred up on Capitol Hill and created a media blitz. But the degrade of the relationship with Riyadh would be for the security of the united states and its allies a serious mistake,” said Pompeo, before he made a statement it would take for a Senate committee.

Trump convicted earlier this month of the murder of Kashoggi, but emphasized that the economic interests are too big to click on the game to convert. “After the United States is Saudi Arabia the largest oil producing nation in the world. They have closely worked with us and very well responded to my requests for oil prices at a reasonable level – that is very important for the world.”

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