’Poepbacterie on each tested McDonald’s screen

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LONDON – Self-service in the fast food restaurant is, of course, super useful, generally you turn faster and you can already peering at the screen endlessly through the various food items to scroll. Yet it is not all moonlight and roses. A tour along several McDonald’s branches in the United Kingdom shows that there screens in all the chains of bacteria were present normally only in the intestines or feces prevent.

According to research from the British Underground. In total there are eight restaurants to the test in London and Birmingham. “This kind of microbes can cause infections that people normally only go up in hospitals,” says Paul Matawele, specialist in microbiology at the London Metropolitan University.

On a screen was the dreaded Stafylokokkenbacterie detected, these can include blood poisoning cause. Also found there Listeriabacteriën. Listeria can be for a pregnant woman and cause a miscarriage. In six of the eight selfserviceschermen came the proteusmicrobe for use in human or animal feces and blood poisoning can cause. In total there were more than 10 potentially harmful germs, including against antibiotic resistant ’against nosocomial diseases’, found.

It is not yet clear how the screens in the Dutch branches of it. In the sequel maybe, but just as the washing of hands before you have a sizable bite of the cheeseburger.

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