Playing child entertained pope during an audience

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VATICAN city – A little boy that Wednesday, his mother escaped on the stage on which the pope has a public audience loved it, went there then play.

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A child had the good sense to visit with Pope Francis.

He walked for a few minutes undisturbed back and forth between the armchairs in which pope Francis and the German prefect of the pontifical house Georg Gänswein were. The boy also had special attention to the uniform of the guards of the Swiss Guard.

The boy’s mother spoke briefly with the pope while she tried the child to pull away and said that he was dumb and could not talk. Pope Francis then said to her that she had to play.

The Argentine pope was visibly happy about the performance of the child. “He is Argentinian, he is undisciplined,” joked the 81-year-old Francis. “This child can not speak. He is stupid. But he can communicate”, said the pope against the hundreds of pilgrims. “And he has something for me to reflect: he is free. Undisciplined… but he is pretty”, he added. “Let’s grace (of God) asking that he may speak.”

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