No EU referendum on brexit

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BRUSSELS – The European population will not get the chance in a referendum on the brexit. The European Commission has launched a citizens ‘ initiative that calls for an EU-wide referendum was rejected because it is outside its competence.

Head Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at a summit in Brussels about the Brexit.

If the proposal was approved had the initiators of the signature of 1 million Europeans from at least seven member states need to collect to the plan on the agenda. Or a European referendum would be part is doubtful, because the United Kingdom is the EU next year on the 30th of march to leave.

The two initiators of the project believe that all European citizens should have the ability to speak out about the British departure. The British voted in June 2016, in a popular referendum to brexit. The European Commission regrets the vertrekbesluit, but “respects” the outcome of the referendum.

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