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New Fintech Association would like to remind the code of conduct to life – Coin Hero

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New Fintech Association would like to remind the code of conduct to life

Home News New Fintech Association wants code of conduct to life

Matthias Nemack –

Often prospects to missing the last Bit of confidence in the crypto market, to decide on the entry. The new Association, ADAM now wants to develop as a confidence-building measure, its own code of conduct.

ADAM will set important signals for safety

For many users of Cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Tether are especially interesting because there currently is no regulation by the government and the Community about developments within the Blockchain and similar systems. That it does not work completely without rules, after all, ten companies in the German Fintech industry are agreed. For this reason, you have now ADAM – Association of Digital assets – created. The Association wants to reach an agreement in the future on a common code of conduct for the sector of the crypto-products, such as the current opinion makes a statement.

Well-known founding members, and creating the public interest

On Board of the PAX-Issuer Paxos, who with his Stablecoin for some attention, among others. Also the financial expert on BTIG, as well as specializing in asset management company Galaxy Digital is one of the Association founders. In the newly formed merger, the ten Fintechs want to be a blanket set of Standards effort, which should obtain in the ideal case soon for all the participants in the crypto markets liability. It was here that ADAM wants to put on a close cooperation with the competent regulatory and Supervisory authorities. The abbreviation of the Association in the name stands for “Association for Digital Asset Markets”. Another founder is in addition to the above, the provider of the CSF.

Markets should be more transparent and safer

Background of the proposed code is not to take over the work of the legislature. The code of conduct should rather offer in terms of transparency, privacy, and research additional rules. This also includes the implementation of measures against money laundering and Manipulation. The cryptographic systems all around currencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin and future emerging Alternative for both investors and investors, as well as the politicians and the authorities to be more transparent. Fairness should lead to more confidence, also in terms of Fairness and risk management in the markets.

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