Network of hijacked computers that are rolled up

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. authorities have, with the help of the Netherlands a large network of hijacked computers rolled.

The Dutch police also helped in the research of the Americans.

It comes to about 1.7 million devices that were used to create companies to scam advertentiefraude. The suspects will probably have more than 30 million dollars earned, thinks of justice in the United States. Also the Dutch police was involved in the research.

Six Russians and two Kazakhs have been charged. Three of them are arrested, in Estonia, Bulgaria and Malaysia, and wait for surrender to the USA. The five other suspects are still on the run.

Fake websites

The suspects had a platform that ads on websites put. They made companies point to that they have a lot of people could reach them to advertise. But that movement made them myself, and went to their own fake websites.

They distributed two different malicious programs. That were installed when an unsuspecting user clicks on a spam e-mails, clicked on, or a hoax that it was time to get a program update. After infection got a computer the command to sneak the sites of the defendants to visit. That happened via hidden browsers, without the real user that had.

The perpetrators made there even for a nepmuis on the page was moving and up and down scrolled, like a real person, the site looked at. Companies had nothing by and paid millions, no one person is ever their advertising saw.

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