Mourinho explains remarkable action

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The contents flew in all directions, which led to the amazed reactions of the spectators behind the dug-out. ,,It was an explosion of relief,” said Mourinho. ,,I think a lot of supporters at home in front of the television that goal in a variety of ways have been celebrated. I can imagine that in some homes the tv is lost.”

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The English club seemed to be at Old Trafford to be heading in a disappointing 0-0, up to Marouane Fellaini in the extra time scored. “We didn’t play for 0-0, that would be a ‘fake’ result. The frustrations were with everyone high on when the match 0-0 seemed to end,” said Mourinho.

The Portuguese could not keep a sneer out to his detractors. ,,For those who, as statistics keep: this is my fourteenth season in the Champions League and fourteen times are my teams, the group stage went through. And the year in which I not in the Champions League was, I won the Europa League.”

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