Monica Geuze is scared of ’hate’ after Zwarte Piet-view

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Monica Geuze

They brought in an Insta Story the post of Michella Kox, who previously had a photo on social media shared of women in traditional attire to her position to support that traditions change. “I had that so posted because I think it’s a funny way of thought of Michella and then came the DM’s. And so, these are really terrible.” She shares a few responses. “Wow, you’re k*nkergaar, please go out of the country if you zwarte piet is not black wants to see’ and ’k*nkerracist, k*nkerbitch, respond’.

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“I can’t contain,” continues Monica, “here:” You’re not safe in the Sparta stadium.” I want this just of my Stories to pick up, because I just f*cking annoying to find what I hate on my site to get it. This is not normal.” Her hope is that her vlog is now not ’ the whole discussion arises is vain.

Also respond to her fans on the ’hate’ she gets. “I understand that your opinion does not dare to give with so many people who say such things.. my opinion is different but I respect you just, you, you just can express.. I don’t know that you have so much hate over you get.. basically you need such dms are not open.” “I have a different opinion, also I have no hate.” And: “Am also not agree with her ..but oh well let everyone find out what that is.”

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