Michiel De Meyer breaks his nose

a7a566dd2408ba3f4e36d22fca339faa - Michiel De Meyer breaks his nose

How unlucky can they at 40-45 still have? After a couple of days ago a presentation of the spectacle-musical three times, was shut down because of a technical problem, played out on Saturday something spectacular in the backstage of the Pop-Up Theatre in Puurs: actor Michiel De Meyer broke his nose!

Gazet Van Antwerpen writes Wednesday that Michiel De Meyer last Saturday in a heavy collision was involved. No, not with his car, but physically: The Meyer hit a person. “I walked during the show backstage at Staff, one of the extras in 40-45,”, says Michiel in Gazet Van Antwerpen “At a certain moment I noticed that I was late on my correct position threatened to come for the next scene. I had to hurry and walked fast in the dark, at the place where curtains, the sightlines close to the public. Staff came from the other side through that curtain and walked. We clashed head on with full speed at each other. I immediately went to the ground and bled heavily.”

The actor was immediately taken care of and replaced by one of the existing swings, that are people who have multiple roles have rehearsed for moments when one of the other actors suddenly no longer can play. Both Michiel extra Staff to know immediately to the hospital. When Michael was a broken nose fixed, and the other person has a concussion incurred.

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