Mega Pirates Event in the Gelredome sold out

12f7ae12a5fb1d612b7362a6812ee30c - Mega Pirates Event in the Gelredome sold out

“This year it’s nice and hard gone,” says Eddie Mensink on behalf of the organization. According to him, the festival this year even faster sold out than last year. In the GelreDome stadium is traditionally the season ended. Throughout the year there are various piratenfestijnen throughout the country. There may experience about 25 artists, who all have two songs to sing.

In the GelreDome act on december 8, thirty artists. Visitors can performances expected of artists such as Gerard Joling, Jan Smit, Jannes, Snollebollekes, Thomas Berge, Lange Frans, Corry Konings, Wolter Kroes, John de Bever, Marianne Weber and Peter Beense.

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