Meeting Trump and Putin at G20 summit uncertain: “I don’t like this kind of aggression’

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The American president Donald Trump has there on Tuesday with threatening to the planned bilateral meeting with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires to cancel. After the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine this past weekend, asks the U.S. a stricter enforcement of the sanctions against Russia.

In an interview with the newspaperWashington Postsaid Trump that he is the full report of his national security team, waiting, about the incident where three Ukrainian navy ships to Russia were stopped in the Crimea. “The report will be decisive,” she said.

“Maybe I will meet, perhaps will not take place… I don’t like this kind of aggression, I would not,’ said the American president.

Both leaders would be in the margin of the G20 have about safety, wapenbeperkingen and the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East, said national security adviser John Bolton.

“Europe should this aggression did not pick up

The US wants to advance a stricter application of the sanctions against Russia, and had a spokeswoman of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs know.

The Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko has Tuesday with dramatic words for the danger of a Russian invasion of his country warned. He accused Moscow of its military presence along the border have increased.

“Europe should this aggression did not pick up, said Trump was still at the Washington Post. Trump once again repeated his criticism of Germany. That Nato country spends, according to him, insufficient means of defence. The US is also not to speak a agreement of Germany and Russia over a planned gas pipeline.

“They do absolutely not enough. Germany. Absolutely not! Many of these countries do not contribute enough to the Nato. They need to spend more money.’

UN Security council

The new and current European members of the UN Security council, including austria, Belgium, Monday, in a joint statement their support expressed for Ukraine. The countries are calling for restraint and de-escalation. Also reconfirm the Ukrainian territorial integrity and internationally recognized borders. It comes to Great Britain, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Belgium. Their declaration came after a spoedzitting of the UN Security council.

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