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McLaren: “The break-up with Honda was a very expensive divorce”

4ecdfaf7dace6d21a26437d3d78a72a6 - McLaren: "The break-up with Honda was a very expensive divorce"

McLaren made last season the transition from the Honda engine to the motors Renault. The big step forward meant that not because the McLaren ran with the Renault engine in her car is not further than the sixth place in the constructeurkampioenschap. Nevertheless, it was the very expensive separation of the Honda, according to McLaren, the only correct choice.

From next season, Honda is the motorleverancier of Max Verstappen and Red Bull F1 team. Honda will therefore once again under enormous pressure, just like McLaren was the case. When McLaren was there after several years of failure chosen for a divorce.

“It was in the interest of McLaren for the long term,” says Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, which at the same time admitted that the separation of Honda an “expensive divorce” was. “It was an expensive decision.”

After the separation from Honda, there had to be, after all, extra money be provided with to the loss of McLaren to cover. According to Sheikh Mohammed is, however, determined to McLaren again a successful renstal.

“We are committed to this story. The way that we’re going in is the right, we are on the right road.”

Despite the break-up with Honda, there remains an enormous respect exist across the former motorpartner that in the past and was very successful.

“We have a tremendous respect for Honda but our relationship did not work so we had a civilized discussion and we decided to part ways.”

“We will endure. Our situation is frustrating but we are racers at heart, but you have to continue,” concluded Sheikh Mohammed.

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