’Matthijs van Nieuwkerk falls off stage’

24bd03a2263c5ce60807882200d7f327 - ’Matthijs van Nieuwkerk falls off stage’

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

But that did Dijkshoorn, however, and so it became known that the DWDD-presenter just before the broadcast of the stage had fallen. After the topic about teachers with verbal and sometimes physical violence from pupils, speaks the poet of a teaching moment. “And we still see something wonderful, teaching moment. I see, along with the audience here in the studio, we were all there, just before the broadcast Matthijs van Nieuwkerk backward with his chair from the stage, and lose weight.”

Matthijs able to laugh and especially when Dijkshoorn exaggerated continues: “He makes during the fall, a double axel, he sends his foot to the chair the right way and by a miracle after wildly waving with his arms, he lands after a breathtaking pirouette on both feet. We call in the studio all at once: And he is! Epke zonderland will be, if you want to learn boy, here we ie, your guru.”

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