Lindsay responds to Mean Girls-video Ariana

d6dac0a1c6c5397f56abc690796fb311 - Lindsay responds to Mean Girls-video Ariana

”No one Lindsay Lohant like the real Lindsay Lohan,” joked the 32-year-old Tuesday on Instagram with a photo of themselves. “But I’m flattered that Ariana so much of Mean Girls.” They went in the post on the casting of Dynasty-star Elizabeth Gillies as Cady Heron, the role in the 2004 film, played. “In addition, I love Dynasty.”

The actress, who is currently reality show Lohan Beach Club recording, brought with her message, the rumours started that they themselves were also something with the clip of Ariana. She began her post with the statement that they are somewhere “behind the scenes” was. A spokesman for Lindsay did not respond to questions from Entertainment Weekly about her participation in the video clip, Thank You, Next.

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