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Leader in Spain, but in Seville they say “on guard” for Standard

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Seville knew in the first leg against Standard no effort (5-1) but still expected to coach Pablo Machin Thursday night by no means a walkover for his team. “If we do not succeed in the control of the match, then we are in big trouble. Standard must win. I expect them to be very strong will start,” he declared one day before the match in Liege.

Seville overklaste the Rouches in the heenwedstrijd but still saw Machin also strong points of the opponent’s. “They have shown that they have a lot of balls can recover and quickly the front can hit their agile strikers. We will as a collective at the appointment should have been,” said the coach of Sevilla.


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Michel Preud’homme said on his press conference that Sevilla the same qualities as Barcelona and Real Madrid. “About tastes and colors is not to argue”, replied Machin, laughing. “Those two teams have a strong core. I am a trainer of Seville and have enough work for me not having to deal with the analysis of our rivals. However, I am not surprised about our first place in La Liga. We have, indeed, done everything to stand there.”

Also Wissam Ben Yedder, on his guard,

Sevilla beat Standard on the first match day in the group stage of the Europa League with 5-1. With two goals was Wissam Ben Yedder, when one of the architects of the smooth Spanish victory. For the return Thursday night in Liège is the French attacker, however, be wary.

“I’ve heard that races here are always a challenge. In the first leg we had some control but now we are in a decisive phase. So I expect that the other cake will be,” he declared one day before the party at Sclessin.

Seville is currently the proud leader in the Primera Division. The strength of the team lies in the collective, says Ben Yedder. “There is no one who has himself first place. We are a group and we’re working hard on the collective”, underlined the attacker.

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