’Kim Kardashian is lying about ecstasy-use”

6fec2cbe1379c66b8da774d0292134ce - ’Kim Kardashian is lying about ecstasy-use"

Kim Kardashian

Ray Js friends at TMZ know that Kim no ecstasy would have swallowed it. Also, she would not drink alcohol have drunk. According to them she has only weed smoked from a pipe in the shape of a penis, ” around the time that the film was shot.

Kim found it understand clearly that they are under the influence would have been because of her stiff jaws, but also there, the men have an explanation for. “Her upper lip twitched because she had sex.”

The sources also report that Ray J insulted is that Kim has said to be under the influence to have been. He insists that she also wanted. Kim on the other hand remains in its position and makes it clear that for her, nothing would save to be lying, because it doesn’t matter anymore.

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