Katy Perry honors deceased discoverer

19ff9bc87fa88bc6a1ed777ef8d5ff09 - Katy Perry honors deceased discoverer

Angelica died last week, but Katy writes in a post on Instagram that they have previously not been able to put something about her good friend’s post, because her death final. At the same time let them know not to believe that people really die. “She had that body just leave,” says the singer about her discoverer, who for more than a year against cancer moisture.

Her current business partner made last week announced that the mother of two young children at the age of 47 had died from the disease. According to Billboard he praised in a communication to employees, and acquaintances to the efforts of Katy in the last year. “Hereby I want to tell the artist that they made, Katy Perry, great for her was when she became ill. Katy has incredible things done for her friend. I know Katy but not love her because she is that rare person who was not the person forgot that was ever in her, believed in and for its moisture.”

In her Instagrampost asks the singer to her fans and friends to make a donation to the favorite charity of Angelica. She ends her message with: “She may not be here, but they will never be forgotten. And don’t worry my angel, we will be there for Chapman and the girls.”

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