Jana (25) dies after stomach reduction

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GERAARDSBERGEN – The 25-year-old Jana Moreels (25) is after a gastric recently passed away unexpectedly.

Her parents bring her death now, in Belgium, in the publicity to other young people to warn. “Let such interventions, not just do!”

In The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad tells father Laurent: “Jana found that she was heavy and there were arranged a negative to be noted. She could not live with it, even though she was a stable person. They would next year are going to get married. Jana searched in the meantime a permanent solution for her weight problem.”

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“Therefore, contemplated a gastric bypass to do”, said an excited father in the newspaper. “She has also talked about it. Last month she made the gastric than run.”

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The surgery seemed successful, until a few weeks ago, Jana pain got. She ended up in the hospital. Her health had deteriorated. There were heavy medical interventions and even a liver transplant. In vain. Jana died last Saturday, reports The Newspaper.

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A huge blow to her parents, Laurent and Christelle Duran. “This is the biggest punishment that you as a parent can get, a daughter who is in the fleur of her life dies. We’re even guilty about it because she was her plans for a gastric with us discussed. We want people who have such surgery to consider warn. It is not without danger, as has been shown. A gastric bypass may seem like a routine procedure, but that is not at all.”

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“Jana had already a lot of diets tried. They returned each time, but the pounds came afterwards. Therefore, she opted for the bypass.”

The parents of Jana should have no complaint against the hospital and the doctors that the gastric out for them. “No, you can’t beat that. But we do want to warn people and open the eyes. The death of our daughter is so might not have been for nothing.”

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The funeral of Jana Moreels is Saturday, december 1, in Geraardsbergen.

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