Huntelaar: ’Hope that this idiot is quickly arrested’

3101e32f0e91f071424b60111490a66d - Huntelaar: ’Hope that this idiot is quickly arrested’

The Players thank the remainder of audience in Athens.

“But that could not immediately because there is a mad Greek is still in the canal of the stadium stood, and with things to throw was”, said Matthijs de ligt. “That looked best dangerous.”

In the end it was Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who was the first player his shirt in the direction of the remainder of voters cast. A lot of teammates followed his example.

The match was marred by Greek fans that fireworks and projectiles threw in the box of the remainder of Ajax-supporters.

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Huntelaar left on Twitter to see how a fan of AEK all had the opportunity to with fireworks to throw. “We really hope that all our fans there well from are here and that this idiot is quickly arrested”, he stated.

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