Fanclub Ajax-sheets action, Greek police

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Greek fans throwing fireworks and missiles to the box with the Ajax-fans.

Greek fans had every chance to with fireworks and projectiles to throw. Agents did use violence against the Ajax-supporters.

Nagtzaam was in the box with over 1200 supporters of Ajax. ,,The authorities secured advance the safety of our supporters”, he writes on the website of his supportersclub. ,,Here proved to be in practice of little. There was of coarse police brutality, which our supporters are like rats in a trap were being driven, while a action in the direction of supporters of AEK systematically did not come.”

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Ajax fans were before and during the competition with some regularity pelted. Greek agents were that hooligans of the FANS on the track in the direction of the football fans from the Netherlands walked with heavy fireworks threw. The police intervened, however, when a part of the supporters of Ajax responded. Eventually got to eight fans of Ajax were injured by police violence and fireworks. The fans of AEK wanted possible take revenge for riots with supporters of Ajax and Panathinaikos during the night before the duel.

,,It was Monday already restless, but in the stadium must be safe,” says Nagtzaam. ,,Ajax-supporters were attacked and the response was excessive to ME-violence against our supporters. AEK supporters clearly have a free state created in their own stadium. They were allowed to do what they wanted. It was bizarre. We have all seen how a molotov cocktail in the direction of us was thrown, how the Ajax-supporters continued to search for and how they can be life-threatening heavy fireworks towards us and continued throwing.”

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,,We are calling on UEFA on appropriate measures to take and live with the supporters who are not their own fault to be injured.”, decision Nagtzaam. ,,In addition, we expect from Ajax that they also have an official complaint. We do this yourself in any case at Football Supporters Europe, the European association representing from supporters.”

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