Extreme rainfall caused chaos in Sydney

505fa1e03eb8cfebefcea176409bba7f - Extreme rainfall caused chaos in Sydney

In just a few hours fell in the Australian city of Sydney as much rain as normal in a whole month of november.

According to the weather services fell, in some places in the city to 118 millimeters of rain in just a few hours time. It is going to be the heaviest rainfall since 1984. On average, in Sydney throughout the month of november to 84 millimeters of rain.

The morning rush hour went so chaotic. Streets were flooded and trains were abolished, or were delayed by flooded tracks and stations. At the airport of Sydney were 120 flights cancelled.

One person died in a traffic accident, and two firemen were injured when a tree fell over while the car driver to the free. The emergency services received hundreds of phone calls and had a fifteen rescue run. Some six thousand residents were without electricity.

Australia has regularly had to contend with extreme weather. Last week there was even talk of sandstorms in the vicinity of Sydney. In the northern Queensland is extremely warm and had to inhabitants to be evacuated because of forest fires.

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