Europe will need by 2050, carbon neutral are

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The European Commission explains the klimaatlat higher. Thus, the share of oil and gas drop from 55 to 20 percent. Good for climate and geopolitics.

European commissioner Miguel Cañete today the European climate strategy long term known. Yesterday, he enlightened all of a tip of the veil. He says that Europe is the first major economy wants are that by 2050, carbon neutral is. That means that there is no net greenhouse gas emissions more emissions. And yet still the air enters, must be collected and stored.

Thus sharpens Europe’s ambitions. Previously, the objective of reducing emissions by 2050 by 80 to 95 percent reduction. If Europe that promise to effectively deliver, it continues to register in the objectives of Paris. In the agreement state that the climate neutrality in the second half of the century must be achieved. The UN-klimaatpanel IPCC early that date to 2050.

Efficient homes

From documents that The Standard could refer to it, it appears that the Commission’s seven strategic roads want to follow to that ambitious goal. In the first place, the energy efficiency up drastically. Therefore, the energy consumption in 2050 is halved. Especially in houses that should the profit be booked. ‘Energy-efficient homes should be the norm, ” said Cañete. Europe wants to be strong bets on automation and digitalization and strict standards to impose, which also allows the rest of the world should follow.

In addition, should the share of renewable energy will be increased and that of oil and gas decrease substantially. Now runs Europe for 55 percent of its energy production by fossil fuels. That needs to be lowered to 20 percent. That is not only good for emissions, but also for the geopolitical independence and for the wallet. The total savings is estimated at 2,000 to 3,000 billion euros for the period 2031-2050.

Also the transport has to change. Europe relies not only on electrification, because the battery technology is still not sufficiently developed. But for freight transport should the train be a catch-up compared to the truck. In addition, the aviation finally have a contribution to make. This is the first place to count on cleaner fuels. The traffic must be through digitisation also more efficiently organized. Finally, the trans-European energy network accelerated be developed.

CO2 saving

Notable: also the reception and the storage of CO2 is to be a pillar. Until now Europe less attention is paid to this process, but also the IPCC finds it necessary to the climate to pick up. Some branches of the industry, the cementbedrijven, for example, cannot produce without CO2. Norway is asking to European CO2 on and under the seabed to store.

The investments are estimated on an annual 175 to 290 billion euros, but according to Cañete, the European industry, there are also economic benefits. In addition, the costs for health care decrease.

The question remains of course whether the member states of the ambitious plans of the Commission would like to follow. Computed Poland, that from next week it hosts the annual UN climate conference, shows traditionally low appetite and keeps strongly to its coal industry. But European Parliament member Kathleen Van Brempt (SP.A) is optimistic. ‘The Commission may, in each case with their heads to the climate conference in Katowice.’ At the same time, she points out that the citizens in this major transition will need to be involved. “They need the guarantee that it will be a just transition.’

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