Elderly benefactor pulls two suitcases of money by destroyed Paradise

efe677527d23368f382a204683c92843 - Elderly benefactor pulls two suitcases of money by destroyed Paradise

PARADISE – A wealthy businessman who so broken was made of the devastating fires in northern California sprinkles in the disaster-stricken area with money. The 90-year-old Bob Wilson, rich in hospitality and real estate, shares and more than 1000 cheques of a thousand dollars to students in the disaster area.

The devastating forest fires in California were not of the town of Paradise.

The man pulls two suitcases, with a total value of 1.1 million dollars by the disaster-stricken area. The 980 students and 105 staff members of the Paradise High School each receive a cheque.

Wilson comes from the southern located in San Diego, but las in the LA Times the touching stories from the disaster area. Complete schools and residential areas went up in smoke from fierce forest fires. When Wilsen the enormous scope of the disaster saw, he had to think back to his own beautiful time in high school and he decided into action for the hard-hit town of Paradise.

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“The time in high school has had much influence on my life. Actually it is the first and last completely worry-free time of your life to be,” said the aged benefactor of his involvement.

The recent forest fires in California were the deadliest ever. There were 85 people killed in the inferno. A lot of people are still missing.

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