Dutch Railways want to Holocaust victims to compensate

e1e9310aa7ef624fdff4a59a893e0dc6 - Dutch Railways want to Holocaust victims to compensate

The Dutch Railways (NS), individual damages are going to pay to survivors and survivors of the Holocaust. A commission was given the assignment to look at how the NS on moral grounds can pass to individual fees. The Dutch Railways earned money by jews to the camp at Westerbork to be transported in command of the German occupying forces.

NS Ceo Roger van Boxtel has several times spoken with Salo Muller, a survivor of the Holocaust. Collectively, it was decided to refrain from legal struggles over the question of whether the Railways not to pay fees. Both have agreed on the establishment of a commission which should investigate the ways in which an individual fee can be given.

‘At this moment we can not say who for that come into consideration and how high the amounts are, ” says a railway spokesperson. ‘It is up to the commission to work this out.’

Money received for transportation of jews

Muller, who for a number of years fighting against the NS, is pleased with the outcome. But ‘the suffering, softened the not. It is a small bandage on your wounds, ” he said against Nieuwsuur. “The NS has 102.000 jews were transported, and there they have money for it, and that was me.’

The NS considers that the Second world War as ‘a black page in the history of the company, because trains, when in command of the occupying forces have driven. In september 2005, the NS apologies are offered for its role during the occupation.

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