Duration painting Renoir on easy way stolen

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VIENNA – police in Vienna makes hunting three suspects that a painting of Pierre Auguste Renoir have been stolen from an Austrian auction house. The cloth would Wednesday be auctioned but was by strangers at the easy manner disappeared.

The Austrian news site message about the high-profile theft.

The ’Golfe, mer, falaises vertes’ (Golf, sea, green coast), a less well-known work of the French artist. The value of the oil painting is estimated at 120,000 to 160,000 euros. The artwork was Monday night stolen when it was exhibited at the auction house Dorotheum. The thieves made it to the Renoir from the wall and walked away. There would, according to Austrian media, however, a so-called ’silent’ alarm are triggered, but the thieves were undisturbed and left the building. The men carried large shopping bags with him.

The police has beveiligingsbeelden of the suspects scattered. “The men left through different exits and went off”, left, and spokesman to know. According to the police, it goes to “clearly professional” thieves.

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