Directorial debut Jonah Hill in Dutch bios

f1c31e9bf7330671ca8d6f2f09dd6fc2 - Directorial debut Jonah Hill in Dutch bios

Hill himself wrote the screenplay for the film. The leading roles are played by Sunny Suljic (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) and Lucas Hedges. That latter is true this year, with acclaimed roles in the dramas Boy Erased, and Ben is Back as one of the big contenders at the awards ceremony of the Oscars.

Mid90’s in America, by critics as well as visitors praised. In the film grows, the 13-year-old Stevie in the Los Angeles of the nineties. He is struggling with his home situation and at school and spend his richer friends little attention to him. When a group of skateboarders meet, he learns some hard, but important life lessons.

As a tribute to the time period that the film takes place, Jonah Hill Mid90s recorded on 16mm film and in the (now) unusual 4:3 aspect ratio.

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