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Daughter company of the Austrian state printing house presents Blockchain development – Coin Hero

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Daughter company of the Austrian state printing house presents Blockchain development

Home News daughter company of the Austrian state printing house provides Blockchain development

Matthias Nemack –

Austria is not considered to be important Blockchain Standard in Europe. Currently, a direct subsidiary of the state-printing house is now a private security technology based on the Blockchain, and additional safety technologies.

Partnership will provide users with various protection

While German authorities are still considering how to get the Bitcoin and other currencies, but especially the Blockchain for state purposes, are some of the countries already with their own innovative applications at the Start. Under the name of “chain lock” is released this week, the digital subsidiary company YOUNIQX Identity AG, the Austrian state printing house with a private solution model for the “Private-Key”-use. Earlier, it could promote in Austria Considerations, like the Blockchain, for example, the medical sector. In the case of said development, the company had brought in the support from not only in Austria, well-known provider of Coinfinity. In addition to the protection against hacker attacks and identity protection in the centre is of the new Format as well. Also for the sector of the art trade offer to offer, according to the opinion of protection against counterfeiting.

Private-Key applications with the highest safety standards

As an example of the use of the development partners presented a so-called Card Wallet, which is for the Bitcoin storage can be used. The Service should in the future include, among other things, an App for digital certificates as well as a Video-Ident-Vrfahren. The concept of the chain lock according to the responsible at the state printing-daughter and her Partner Coinfinity is an important link between the technologies in the fields of On – and Offline. The Blockchain is supposed to fill now the gap. YOUNIQX has made it with the new development to the task to make the own experiences in the field of high security printing, and Online-enabled security concepts for customers in various industries are available. The Private Key is to be particularly forgery-proof.

Combined solutions from Online services and Offline technology

The connection from the Offline technology and online implemented “intelligent links” to guarantee users the best possible security. An application possibility of Blockchain-based figures of shares transactions through the model chain lock. Of course, a successful market could make the introduction of the Blockchain in an otherwise industry-distant potential users of well-known. The involvement of a state also leads to a generally better feeling of the consumer when it comes to currencies such as Ethereum or Ripple. Many ordinary citizens still have not enough confidence in the crypto market. Activities of state institutions may imply a trust profit.

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