’Crashed aircraft Lion Air is not airworthy’

e63f89f0449bc9fd39286d52572bd4d4 - ’Crashed aircraft Lion Air is not airworthy’

JAKARTA – The crash of an Indonesian airliner in which all the 189 passengers were killed, probably had been avoided. The Indonesian commission that is about transport safety (KNKT) sets Wednesday in a preliminary report that the Boeing 737 of the budgetmaatschappij Lion Air on a flight the day before all “not airworthy”.

The aircraft crashed on 29 October in the sea, just eleven minutes after the launch in Jakarta.

The aircraft crashed on 29 October in the sea, just eleven minutes after the start, in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The airline should have its “culture of safety” to improve. “This is the basis of our recommendation to Lion Air. In our opinion, the plane was not airworthy,” said the head of the commission which is about transport safety (KNKT) at a press conference in Jakarta.

Nose every time down

The New York Times, the report is already realized, it reported that the pilots immediately after the start had problems with the controls of the aircraft. Sensors gave incorrect information, thereby plunged the nose of the plane each time down. More than 24 times knew the pilots of the aircraft to manually back up again, after eleven minutes they finally got the control over the Boeing 737 Max and the plane in the sea collapsed. In the flight the day before, there were similar problems with the device identified, say the researchers.

There has been long-speculated that the newly launched software that helps the elevator of the machine is automatically adjusted, the crash might have caused. The pilots can disable by means of two switches in the cockpit, which in this case has not happened.

Data from the vluchtdatarecorder confirm the theory of the researchers about a not well-functioning computer system in this type of Boeing. This system MCAS would be wrong to communicate information and pilots would not be well instructed what to do in order for this system to overrule. Or this really is the cause of the crash yet to be discovered.

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