Clash of soapdiva’s in the Family

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The viewers of Family were Tuesday night a fragment directly in the history of the Flemish soap opera could come up with: the confrontation between Marie-Rose and Brigitte. A long-awaited clash between 2 purebred soapdiva: Martine Jonckheere and Janine Bishops. The confrontation has become one who will time. Because that Brigitte was a child was of her husband Guido can Marie-Rose but difficult verkroppen. If looks could kill… then it was Tuesday night happened. Without doubt, this first confrontation is a long time in the coming weeks for more exciting moments.

But in the meantime, save the viewers of Family Marie-Rose nor Brigitte. They are both as annoying described on the fan sites of Family. The epithets to the address fly cheerfully. Happy to know most of the viewers to differentiate between the characters and the actresses. The latter get nothing but praise. “You’ll have to do for such a scene to play and not to laugh”, we read. Janine and Martine are also two actresses with years of experience.

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