Chinese ’babymaker’ is proud of his work

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HONG KONG – After the global hard criticism, the Chinese scientist He Jiankui his work defended that allegedly has led to the birth of the first genetically modified babies in the world. He said he was proud of his work. Also, he emphasized that science should do more for people with diseases, to help. He said Wednesday on a genoomonderzoekscongres in Hong Kong, where he questions of international experts answered.

It was the first time that the researcher in the public appeared since a video of him Monday on YouTube was published, which led to global outrage among scientists and ethicists. In it he had the birth of the babies, Lulu and Nana are announced. The procedures on embryos with the still young crispr-cas technology meant to the children, of whom the scientist’s identity a secret to keep, resistant to hiv. Until now, there is no independent confirmation of his claim.

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In Hong Kong, he repeated that he had pairs of healthy mothers and hiv-infected fathers had asked to take part in the experiment. Finally got one of the couples twins. “I’m really proud of this specific case,” he said. After the birth of the children, he received a message from the father who promised to work hard, make money and is always there for his two daughters and his wife. Also he said that there is still someone pregnant is in the course of his research.

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