China pulls hands off of maker genbaby

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The Chinese government has yesterday distanced themselves from the Chinese scientist who claims for the first time, genetically modified children created to have.

More than a hundred scientists from the country signed an open letter in which they the experiment of their fellow convict. ‘The box of Pandora is opened. There is but a spark of hope that we can close before it’s too late’, they write.

He Jiankui from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen let Monday know that he is in an ivf procedure, the DNA of twins with the experimental crispr technology has changed. As a result, the babies are protected against infection with hiv, the virus that causes aids.

Unpaid leave

Soon after the announcement then distanced the university from He and she to know that the researcher, since February, with unpaid leave. The research would be conducted without the knowledge of the university. The hospital in Shenzhen where the manipulated girls are born, claiming that tampering with the ethical approval.

The Chinese Associations for Genetics and stem cell research, to say that He alone has acted, and that his work is ‘large risks’means for the babies in the experiment. They call the action is harmful for the reputation of the biomedical research in China. ‘He has both the Chinese regulations and the international scientific consensus is ignored.’

With the crispr technique, scientists can very precisely sick pieces from genes to cut, what offers a view on the cure of hereditary diseases. But the safety of the technique has not been proven.

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