But do connect Nix-tour in Carré

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Do But travel in October through the Netherlands and Belgium to the forty-year anniversary of the band to celebrate. The tour began in Hedon in Zwolle. “The idea was that we still do what we used to do, when we in the Netherlands have toured,” says singer and bass player Henny Vrienten (70). “We play better than in the past, I dare to say. At that time we were young and dynamic, but now we have more overview, and we choose better notes. What also helps, is that we have better tools: with the equipment of the time, I would not be more dead have been found wanting.”

But do unleashed the early 80’s a craze in the Netherlands. The band scored many great hits like Doris Day, All of This Is, The Bomb, 1 Night Only, and Pa. The band stopped in 1984, to the disappointment of hysterical tienerfans, but came in 2000 together again. The musicians made a comeback with sixteen concerts in Ahoy. Followed by many more performances. Last year toured Henny Vrienten, Jan Hendriks, keyboard player Ernst Jansz and drummer René van Collem past festivals and this year there is the tour, There is a change Nix.

After Carré close to the musicians in the chapter But Do not. They will probably stay to play, but the end of the tape is approaching. Vrienten: “We can still be a fun tour to do, maybe, but somewhere in the not too distant future, it really is ready.” Because, he knows: “The clock is ticking. If we are not able to sing, or our instruments are able to play, as the rifjes to be quickly, then keep it on. It should still be very good, otherwise we go to that stage anymore.”

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