Belgian girls (15) were approached for matchfixing

f5e68d5b3c0dc031fa8e878c863da9d0 - Belgian girls (15) were approached for matchfixing

Thibault De Gendt, and Filiep De Ketelaere

De Gendt dropped during a hearing about fraud to know that three players of the young Red Flames (Belgium) a few months ago were approached during a qualifier.

“It involves three girls of 15 years”, signs Sporza at the mouth of The Gendt. “They were after a workout approached by a Turkish man who them each $ 50,000 was offered to a party to have influence.”

“The girls involved have the belgian football association immediately informed. Subsequently, the international federations (UEFA and FIFA, red) is notified, such as the federal public prosecutor’s office. The investigation is still ongoing.”

The royal belgian football association awaits the decision of the court in the voetbalschandaal not. The football association would like to this season, the possible penalties say.

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