Belgian (20) will own funeral in person

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SINT-NIKLAAS – She is this weekend buried, but is still very much alive. Zara Couton (20) has already her own funeral.

The winning photo of Zara Couton (20) with her colleagues in a hearse.

The Belgian won a photo contest by posing in a coffin: a ’killfie’. Drive Up Safety, a Flemish verkeersveiligheidsorganisatie, wrote the contest to draw attention to the 615 fatalities that our neighbours in 2017 counted.

If ’price’ is they Saturday by a hearse picked up and in a coffin to her in scene solemn funeral, including coffee afterwards. “I see it”, says Couton against the Newspaper. “It’s not something I take lightly about go, but also the traffic is not to laugh.”


The underlying idea of the verkeersclub is that one text message or a beer too many, can kill. “Regret always comes too late,” explains a spokesperson Delphine Verstraeten.

That the campaign is quite shocking could happen, is, according to her, a pure necessity. “It’s been proven that people respectfully ask for a safer environment to behave does not work. Often there must be something serious to happen before they adjust their behavior. Or they should get a heavy fine for they intervene.”

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