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Anderlecht launches ‘mission statement’: the academy is the heart of the club with the help of foreign capital

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In a speech of nearly three quarters of an hour of strong new husband Michael Verschueren -flanked and introduced by chairman Marc Coucke – the future of the new Anderlecht explained. Purple-and-white sets in at childhood through an extensive expansion and professionalisation of the academy. At the same time, Anderlecht through cooperation looking for foreign capital.

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A whole sandwich, the statement of Michael Verschueren. The new strong man of RSCA has the genes of his father inherited, that much is clear after the first public appearance since his ‘promotion’ at Anderlecht.

Done with woolly statements, however, many turbotaal to make it clear that the Anderlecht otherwise. “To the future of the club to ensure,” says Verschueren. “How? By re football focus, despite what is currently happening in the Belgian football. Anderlecht has potential. You have two types of clubs: the rich clubs and the big clubs. Anderlecht belongs to the big clubs. There we have the DNA for.”

How that concrete is going to work? By new people. Verschueren: “We have eight new profiles were created and for this we are looking for the right people. In mid-december, I expect that all profiles will be completed. There will be a new athletic director. Yes, Luc Devroe stays within the club as the right hand of the new sports director and he will also play an important role within scouting. Who we’re looking for? Men with an Anderlecht-DNA, the right men in the right place. There will also be twenty new trainers are recruited. No, not everyone will have a past at Anderlecht. We will also find people in other countries.”


Verschueren is responsible for the staff and the trainer. But for the other, he wants as much as possible delegate and new structures put in place. So in the future will be a transfercomité judgments about the in – and outgoing transfers, there is a section ‘RSCA International’ that bridges should be build abroad and foreign capital, the medical department is optimized, is scouting both at home and abroad expanded. But especially the academy in Neerpede should be the beating heart of the club. “Each year there will be two players to advance from the academy to the A-core. That is not advice but a rule. And there we believe in. The first press conference of mr. Coucke in april was about the fact that we have twelve young people from the academy a professional contract. Two boys have now progressed to the A-core. The match in Sint-Truiden has proven that such a thing can quickly render. Currently, 35 percent of the A-core of players who are on the academy have been.”

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There will be considerable investment in the academy and will be in the future, all the players of the academy – 210 in total – the same medical support as the players from the A-core. The youth should be the future of Anderlecht secure, that much is clear. “Our academy is top 25 of the world. It is time that the youth of Anderlecht more to the outside occurs. What other clubs for years to do – a lot of foreign tournaments to play – we must also do.”

One thing did Verschueren hardly: name names. There are still a lot of profiles open and that would be by mid-december all completed. But over the next few months a lot of news from Anderlecht will come, is now already a fact.

What we already know?

* Verschueren is the overall boss of all sporting departments

* In mid-december, he wants athletic director proposals

* Who will be the transfers.

* Such transfers must come on the basis of the advisory board

* Devroe is the right hand of athletic director and will also scoutingswerk do

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