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Anderlecht instills no fear in: modest Slovaks even speak of points deal in Brussels

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RSC Anderlecht take the Thursday on the fifth match day of the Europa League against Spartak Trnava. Purple and white European is already turned off, but the Slovaks are still in the running for a place in the knock-out stages. “We fully give to our European dream alive,” said coach Radoslav Látal Wednesday at a press conference at the Constant Vanden stock stadium.

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Spartak Trnava


1 – 0


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Dinamo Zagreb leads group D with the perfect report of twelve points from four matches. Fenerbahçe (7 pts), Trnava (3 pts). Anderlecht (1 pts) to close the ranks and is disabled. Trnava can, therefore, still places for the sixteenth-finals, but his fate is not in your hands. The Slovakian champion must hope that Fenerbahçe Thursday no three points tackles against Dinamo Zagreb, and should definitely not lose to Anderlecht. On the last day watching Trnava the Turks in a direct duel in the eyes.

“Anderlecht is a big name in Europe, but…”

“Anderlecht will certainly not save”, predicted go back. “The club has a disappointing European season, but will have a target, like polishing. Certainly for people they will for the victory soccer. Anderlecht is a big name in Europe, a team that is Champions League to play. It promises to be difficult, but we fear our opponent is not.”

Trnava knocked on the first weekend in september the Inhabitants, surprisingly with 1-0. “Our plan, with solid defensive organisation, knocked then,” recalls the 48-year-old Czech. “We’re going to try to reboot that way for the day to come. We are ready for the duel and try our European chances cool.”

“We’re going to at least for a period.”

Erik Grendel has played on the first weekend of the full game. The 30-year-old midfielder wants to Anderlecht again the fire feat. “We’re going to at least for a point and believe in our chances,” said the Slovaak. “Anderlecht is a great team, although we are the strong points again put lamb. We have to deal with injuries, and will be with a new team to start. But I am confident that we will double will folds.”

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