Ajax frustrated by Greek police and stewards

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Supporters of Ajax are trying to protect themselves from the flames.

Images of heavy vuurbommen with huge flames went over the world, because hooligans of AEK Athens every opportunity were the fans of the Amsterdam team constantly pelting. The police garfish hard when there from the bezoekersvak aggressive was responded to the attack. Also proved to the dissatisfaction of Ajax that there are fans without a ticket and friendly Polish hooligans in the box for the Amsterdam supporters were.

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We have advance our concerns already expressed by the UEFA and the safety of the FANS”, tells Van der Sar to the ANP. ,,And urged that rigorous search and careful door to do. But with the influx of our fans turned out there hardly. Thus there were also people in our box that we did not want to have.”

,,The police was that our box several times was attacked by armed Greek fans,” continues the general director. ,,Everyone can see that they had free play to fireworks and other projectiles into our throw. The police focused only on our fans and hardly any on the Greeks. Batches are run in a full box, it is life-threatening, but nevertheless it was done.”

Conditional punishment

The riots come Ajax extra bad because the club last week, a suspended sentence he received for a European away game, without public disturbances during the uitduel with Benfica. For Ajax threatens now a uitduel in the eighth finals of the Champions League without own fans. We have during and after the match, our findings will be shared with the UEFA and afterwards, formally, they reported. Their security with their own eyes can see what has happened, and the same is observed if we. I’m not saying that the 1200 fans all bill (but they are outrageously treated”, says Van der Sar.

,,We are happy that our player base after the race, feast and celebrate the box. And they can thank for their support. Because it is clear that there is, in particular, to the European duels, a great interaction between players and supporters. And that should predominate, just as the reach of the next round in the Champions League.

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