Afghan family cut off after the air strike

044f02bd8490f271bc0f164d9bbd6bad - Afghan family cut off after the air strike

KABUL – an airstrike in the Southern Afghan province of Helmand are about thirty civilians killed, all members of a family. Only one family member survived the attack, said the chief of the provincial council.

Security forces after an attack in Kabul (archive).

The area where the attack took place, is controlled by the radical islamic Taliban. At or in the building with the house of the bereaved family was an armoury of the Taliban with explosives and car bombs against the Afghan army to be used. By the attack were also fighters of the Taliban.

According to a spokeswoman for the NATO training mission there was in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday a surgery in the building of special Afghan units and American advisors. Who came under fire from the Taliban and withdrew. They asked for air support but did not know that there are civilians in the building were.

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